As the flowers start to bloom, my favourite season finally came.

Having a ghostly white skin, I have always hated the sunny weather since it instantly burned my skin and turned me into a lobster. Ever since I can remember, from spring to fall, every single day I have had to put on sunscreen, which I hate. Probably, I am one of the most anti-sun people you can ever see. So, as you can understand by now, I am not going to talk about tanned skin or how much I appreciate the physical benefits of the sun. This post is going to be about the one thing I love about the sunlight that just makes me love spring.

a94e2cf53a3d4d15e2ad623bc4ed6397It is commonly known that ancient Egyptians had Ra (or Re) as their god of sun. It was believed that everything -seasons, months, plants and animals- were created by Ra (according to its followers at Heliopolis men were created from Ra’s tears). To Egyptians, sun meant light, warmth and growth.

I’m not saying that the story of Ra is the ultimate and the only truth, but in a way, I believe in the creating powers of the sun, as it helps me open up my creative mind.

There is something in the brightness of the sky in spring that makes me feel hopeful towards anything. Maybe, it’s knowing that the dark days of winter are finally ending, or having school come to an end that inspires me; but as soon as the sun shines no matter what I am going through in life, I suddenly feel stronger.

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

Besides, which of us doesn’t like to step outside every once in a while just to get refreshed. Personally, I am not able to function if I don’t get proper air and don’t see a bit of sunlight. You know how people always talk about not being able to work on sunny days, I am the exact opposite. I genuinely feel like sun is affecting how I think and allowing my soul to grow. To be honest, only times I feel like a “new me”, is when I see the sunlight coming through my window when I wake up.

“The shadows in our life depend on how we are standing in the sun”, so just be sure that you’re standing in the sun, and don’t let a shadow dull your glow. ☀

(images via various sites on the web)

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