Have Some Water

Drink more water. Seriously. I can’t stress this enough but you should be drinking lots and lots of water.
Just like you, I heard about the benefits of drinking water for my whole life. But the thing is, only after so many years of not caring about those, I now am aware how much it truly can benefit you. For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been tracking my water intake and try to drink as much as I can. And it seriously helped, with any and every little thing.

Only to remind you the facts you already know I will once again make you hear the benefits of water:

  • It increases your energy levels & brain functions.
  • Dehydration causes headaches, so by drinking water, you will help prevent and treat headaches.
  • By maximising your energy levels and feeding your body (since it is your body’s transportation system), water helps improving your physical performance.
  • And for those of you who care for their skin, it makes your skin better. According to rumours, water even gives your skin a radiant glow.


Overall, it just makes you feel refreshed & makes you feel better in your own body. Since I started drinking more water, I see that I am less stressed & cranky, I have less headaches, I am more active and, proving those rumours right, my skin really got better.

My first advice for any of you would be to drink water first thing in the morning. It will help you wake up, start your day & give you a little bit of energy. Secondly, not overdoing it, drink as much water as you can. If you are like me and forget drinking water, just download an app or prepare some reminders for yourself & even buying a cute water bottle can help in this process. After a while, it will turn into one of the most beneficial routine you have.

After some time, you will realise that drinking water is not a “wanting” thing, but a “needing” thing. ☀


*** Also, if you want to be extra nice today, how about helping those who don’t have proper access to water via charitywater.org . After all, every soul living on this world, deserves free water.

(information from all over the web, specifically from Psychology Today)

(images via tumblr)

One thought on “Have Some Water

  1. It is so inspiring that i am applying ur rules every single day. I am following your magnificent blog for like a week, and i need to say: it is FUCKING great. Love u and i need to see you in person!!!!
    Greetings from Azerbaijan xoxo


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