We Are Not Socialising


I obviously use social media constantly, even to share this post. It is beneficial in many ways, joyful and fun to see a hint of other people’s lives, I’ll accept that. But everything is fun and games until you start to compare your life with those pretty images. Nowadays, we stopped using social media to socialise, we use it to lurk into people’s lives, and get jealous. Social media have become something about sociology and psychology, more than technology.  If you are one of those few people who are fully satisfied with your life and do not need to compare yourself to others, I am really happy for you. But I’m not like that. Looking at those beautiful images makes me feel less of myself as much as any person; and that’s why I know how harmful it can be.

The most important thing we all have to remember is, we don’t see everything from those people’s lives, we only see what they want us to see. We don’t see the hard days, the cryings, sadness or struggling in their lives because they don’t post it. I’m not saying that putting only the pretty sides of our lives is wrong, it is only normal that we want people to see that. I’m just trying to remind you that they are as human as you are, and they have their “not so pretty” days too.


Just remember;

⋆ You don’t have to travel the world and take perfect pictures for people to like you.

⋆ You don’t have to be skinny, curvy or muscular like that person you just saw, you are you, and that’s enough.

⋆ You don’t need a glamorous  life with uncountable gold accessories and luxury cars and jets to be happy.

⋆ You are not that Instagram model, you are special on your own; and that’s enough.

⋆ Just because that life looks better and more beautiful than your’s doesn’t mean that your life isn’t great on its own.

If seeing those pictures makes you feel inspired to work on yourself, but only for you, not  only to be liked by others, than that’s really good for you. Just don’t let other people and their lives’ beauty ruin you. If you feel like you are trying so hard to be like someone up to the point of breaking your own self, then just stop. Give a break to social media, even if it’s for an hour or a day, just stop. I promise it will help.


Try to find happiness within yourself. Because if you are not happy with who you are, no matter how much you change yourself, it will never be enough. ☀

(images via tumblr)

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