Luna-tic ☽

The word lunatic comes from its Latin origins lunaticus which meant either “moonstruck” or “of the moon”. The term was first used to refer to those who had epilepsy and madness since they were thought to be caused by the moon, and to describe the mentally ill as dangerous (which was irrational, and will be another post’s topic). Then, astrologers used the term to mention neurological and psychological diseases. It is also known that Aristotle and some other philosophers whom I can’t name right now, thought that full moon and its light were connected to bipolar disorders. The light caused by full moon was seen as the main cause for people’s sleep deprivations.


If you want to know my opinion on moon, apart from all these historical information, it is that I believe in its powers almost as much as I believe in the powers of sun. Just as there being a god of sun, there were many goddesses of the moon in Greek mythology; Phoebe, Selene and Artemis.


My experiences with the moon has never been as bright as its light. For a couple of years now, whenever I go through a sleepless night, the first thing I look up in the morning is whether if there was a full moon or not. However, I still find ways to see the beauty in the night sky with all the shining stars and the moon. Even though I am not a huge fan of its side effects, I still appreciate the way it shapes the way we act.

In my opinion, moon catches the most vulnerable side of us when its out in the open (in our sleep), and thus, has the chance to influence us by its light. With its presence and light, it can influence every one of us without us even realising it. However; the affects of the moon only lays in how we believe in them. If you see the moon as a being to be scared of, just like once I’ve done, you will be negatively affected by it; but if you only see the beauty of the moon and the night sky, it will only give you beauty.

Does having moon shape who we are, makes us creatures of the moon? ☀

(images via tumblr)

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