Neither Here nor There

You know those places that make you feel out of time & place, right? The ones that make you feel comfortable, relaxed and peaceful outside your own home.


I believe all our problems come from the invention of the idea of “time”. It brings rush and limitation to everything. Instead of tasting the joy of the present, it causes us to avoid it. But I think at some points, we can really use a break from the notion of time. It might sound hard to achieve at first, but truly, it’s extremely accessible.

Places like coffee houses, airplanes, airports, the beach, grove, a train and etc. makes me feel out of this world. Right now, I’m not even talking about going to one of these places and sitting quietly waiting to be happier; I’m talking about doing whatever you have to do in those places. I know the most reachable ones of the list I just made are the beach, coffee house and a grove, but it can be any where you wish; it can just be a bench on a random street.

For example; I just visit my favourite coffee house to get a break from the limitation of time. If I have nothing to do at that moment, I pick up a book and go or if I have somethings to do, I take them with me to the nearest Starbucks and just enjoy the atmosphere and do my stuff. When I’m sitting there minding my business, I lose touch with the concept of time and place; I just do what I have to do. It almost feels like time doesn’t exist there, or non of my problems are real; everything just disappears.

I don’t specifically know the psychology behind this but as far as I can comment on this, it kind of sounds like depersonalisation and feeling disconnected with the outer world. I am aware that this can be a serious psychological problem for many people but at least for me, it works. Feeling like I am just a tiny particle in the universe somehow helps me create and focus. With time, I found out that working outside of home, or just staring at a landscape makes me feel happier and more hopeful towards everything coming up.


If you hesitate doing whatever you do in a place you are not used to, my only advise for you is just try, without trying you might be missing the magnificence those places might bring. ☀


(two of the images via tumblr)

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