Mom & Dad

For what they have taught me, this post is dedicated to my mom&dad.

After spending the first 8 years of their marriage traveling all around the world, these two individuals decided to have me. Obviously, I changed their style of living in an enormous way. Apart from all the huge changes a baby brings; at first, you would think that with me, they wouldn’t be able to travel as much as they once did. But you are wrong. They had me in an airplane going to Switzerland when I was just 3 months old. However, I like to believe that with me coming along, they learned to live a life that was totally different to their previous lives and that made them see everything in a whole new way.


But, today, on their 28th anniversary, I would like to tell you some of the most important things I’ve learned from them.

I learned,

◦ how to dedicate myself to my family and how valuable and important family is;

◦ that no matter what, my family will always be by my side;

◦ how apart from everything going on, the most important thing is my own happiness;

◦ how to behave respectfully, even at those who don’t deserve my respect;

◦ that to travel is not only about seeing other cultures and learning about new cities, but it’s also about finding myself;

◦ how to love;


◦ that even though it will drive me crazy at one point, being organised is always going to make my life a lot easier;

◦ how to live my life to the fullest & to the happiest (even though I don’t think I’ve achieved it yet);

◦ that even the darkest of days will pass and everything will be shiny again;

◦ that those dark days are easier to deal with once I share them with people I love;

◦ the importance of surrounding myself with positivity and positive influences rather than things that will put me down;

◦ that something that is educating or enlightening in any way is worth the time or money spent on it (such as traveling, books, camps, courses, etc.);

◦ that I have to be doing what I love to be happy and successful, even if it is not right to other people.


Apparently, it’s impossible for me to write or even word out every single thing I gained from them, but the only thing I would love them to know is that I appreciate every single lesson I learned, and that I value every second of our family times. To be honest, I don’t think they ever imagined to add this many traits and awarenesses to me in just 19 years. Knowing that I was a stubborn child to deal with, I can only imagine that it must’ve been challenging in many ways to raise me.

At the end of the day, all I can do is thank them and wish for many more of these happy years to come, happy anniversary! ☀


(pls avoid the fact that a selfie stick was used to take this picture)

***For those of you who might wonder why I didn’t use many present day pictures, other than the fact that we don’t have that many pictures, I honestly don’t have an answer. Maybe it’s because I just like to see the pure happiness on our faces in these old ones and chose to use them.

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