Growing Up

With a world full of adults acting like children, it’s obvious that we are afraid of growing up and all the struggles it will bring. But since there is no fortunate escape from it, why try to change the reality instead of accepting it?


The scariness of growing up comes from the deeply hidden fears of separation (from family & others) that leads to a scary choice of our own path since no one will be there to make choices for us. This brings the fear of loss and related emotions. Do you ever notice that we tend to reconnect with people from our past days when we are anxious? This dependancy bond to people from our family and past results in a fear of the unknown and un-supervised future. Thoughts of being un-supervised, somehow brings the threat of feeling alone, independent and authentic. Every lucky child had their parent directing them to the true and trusting path of life, but when she is fully grown up, why would her mom choose the job she is working at?


The need for our mothers and other family members start to show off when we are just 6 months old. At 6 months of our being alive, we form the mother-child bond unconsciously in our minds and hearts. Ideas of growing up and separating from our families form a thread to this bonds and cause us to fear the future. But you won’t be alone in this world, you possibly can’t be. There will always be at least 1 person right there being there for you.

Apart from the feeling alone and distant from trusting persons, one of the most scary realisation you get when you are growing up (no matter what age you are, even if its 18 or 25) is the fact that some of your dreams has time limitations, and you have to use your time more carefully. Because you can’t ride that rollercoaster ride when you are old and have health issues, right? But the thing is, no matter how old you are, you still can make your dreams come true or create new dreams, there is time for everything.


However, since we can’t change the cold reality of growing up, we should find ways to make it easier.

Basically just look around you, there are so many “fully functioning adults”. If they managed to grow up and survive from it, why can’t you? You are no less than them.

Believe in something, rather it be god, faith or something else, and that is has magnificent things planned for you.

And always remember, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have all your life down to the name of your kids planned out by the age of 21.

Don’t forget, anyone at any age have the power to change their lives, nothing is eternal. Instead of fearing it, embrace your future. ☀


(images via my childhood albums and around the web)



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