Home away from Home

If you know me in person,  knowing how much I love Switzerland, you were probably expecting this post,.

That famous 3 month old vacation of mine was to Switzerland to visit many family members, during which I cried 3 hours straight in the plane ride. Ever since I was born, I’ve been going back and forth and always finding things to adore in Swiss culture and cities. I don’t quite know when my adoration to Switzerland started; but my parents always tell me that it is in my blood to love it.

In time, Switzerland became my luxurious escaping place (since I can’t just hop-on a plane the second I want to and get there). You can think this to be a highly spoiled manner, and I won’t honestly oppose to your opinion. Anyhow, this post is not about how spoiled I am, it’s about what I find and love in Switzerland.


If you ask me touristic places to visit, to name famous historical buildings and monuments, I would fail. I’ve never been to Switzerland as a tourist and maybe that is why I find the feeling of home there. Up until now, I’ve always used the cities and streets of Switzerland to inspire and free my mind. Ever since I was conscious about “being myself”, every trip of mine to Switzerland became a journey for my mind in which I constantly tried to find myself and my own thoughts.


Whenever my family and I visit Switzerland, with no doubt, we spend a lot of time with our relatives living there. This gives me the unique experience of seeing deeply into people’s lives in a foreign country and understanding their daily struggles and joys, which in a way makes me forget about whatever problems we have in my hometown and just be present at the moment.

Some of you may see me not knowing the history of a place I call home as ignorant and uninformed; but I am more interested with what it has to offer me and what it makes me feel than what it has been through. I think the preciousness of Switzerland in my heart comes from the way it makes me feel present only in the moment. ☀



**For those of you who are more interested in the chocolate and history of Switzerland, yes the chocolate is as delicious as you’ve heard; and no, I probably know nothing more than you about the history of the country.

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