Organize Organize Organize

I am one of those people who can’t function without having reminders on her phone and an up-to-date calendar. I need to know every single detail of everything I will do in the next 2 weeks and plan myself accordingly – to live a rather less stressful life. Being this organized and planning everything ahead of the event can be annoying to many people, I can understand that. But what I can’t understand is how these people manage to live happily and relaxed? If you were to come up to me with a last minute plan, I would probably freak out and won’t be able to do my already planned stuff, trying to fit your plan into my life.


Anyways, being organized in every aspect of my life really helps me be less stressful and more peaceful. I come from a highly organized family and maybe this affected my genes in a way that made me super organized too, I can’t be sure of this enough, my science knowledge fails me at this point. From my early childhood, I remember my mom having these calendars in our kitchen on which she wrote every single event we did, saw it really helped later on. Ever since I began traveling with my family, I saw how being ready early helps us and leaving the house early prepares us for any difficulty on our way. All my life, I learned being organized made everything easier.

Even preparing my bag or outfit from the night before, helps. Think of it this way; you will be able to sleep 5 more minutes instead of standing in front of your closet. All the overwhelming stuff, the deadlines seem less scary when you know when and exactly how you are going to start and end it. And since you plan things beforehand, you don’t have to stress over other things while dealing with one, which brings greater productivity.


            Having your life planned out, leaves you more space which eventually allows you to have more time to spend on the things you truly love and enjoy. ☀

(images via pinterest)

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