Who am I ?

I am a regular someone who was raised to be happy. Since I was a little girl, my parents taught me that the only thing important in this life was to be genuinely happy. There were many times I failed to meet this belief, and maybe because of those times, I am who I am now.

After having my share of sad experiences, I returned back to what my parents have always taught me. The most important thing was to be happy. Right now, I am trying to focus on what is making me feel happy and satisfied with my life; and this blog is one of those things.


** However, there is a flip to my story, which is the fact that I am quite a pessimist in my life. I am being introduced as the negative friend for a couple of years now. So, as you can understand, besides bringing a sparkle of happiness to you; this blog will also bring joy to me too. I aspire to focus on what makes me happy and share them with you, hopefully bringing more happiness to all of us. ☀