Why am I doing this?

For a while now, I think we are living in a world that makes us forget to think about our own well-beings. We forget that the only person we are living this life for, is us. This was a realisation that maybe came too late to me, but I want each and every person who finds this blog, to think about their lives and find ways to be happy. I want you to really put thought into your actions and do every thing you do only for you. I believe, only then, we can achieve real happiness.

Because, if I make myself happy, then I’m capable of making you happy; and if you are happy, you can make another one happy; and this goes on till eternity. ☀


In this blog, I aim to put an extra sparkle of hope and happiness in you, by sharing my own thoughts, the things that inspire me to be a better person and many more.


** For more, see the Introduction post (What is “Afflatus”?).


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